Council Dog Pounds

Central Coast Animal Care Facility

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About: Central Coast Animal Care Facility (Gosford Pound) is a non profit organisation with a small but dedicated group of staff and volunteers. We began operation on 1st July, 2016 as the successful tenders for Gosford City Council Pound. Please phone or email us to find out more information on our animals. You will be asked to fill in a questionnaire. This questionnaire is confidential and does not oblige you to adopt, or guarantee you the animal. The information you provide helps the facility to achieve the best match between the dog or cat and their new home. Once the questionnaire and any questions you may have are approved and answered, its time to meet your potential new furbaby. This meet will be conducted at the facility unless prior arrangements are made by management. After the meet and greet, a yard check will be completed at your home to ensure that your home and yard is suitable for the kind of pet you are interested in. The final step (pending agreement by both parties) is the payment of the adoption fee and filling in of associated paperwork for your new furbaby. Congratulations, you have now saved a life!
Contact Number: 0243044350
Address: Pateman Road Erina NSW 2250